Baby’s decapitated head falls to the floor during birthing, resulting in the team of doctors being investigated


Para, Brazil: A nightmarish scene took place in a hospital room filled with people where a baby’s head was decapitated, leading to the doctors in the room to be investigated for mishandling the birth.

Medical experts at the Santa Casa de Misericordia hospital are facing accusations of forcing a 26-year-old pregnant mother to naturally give birth to her baby, even though a cesarean operation was necessary.

At first, the woman had tried another hospital in the city of Ourem, and her ambulance arrived there at around 6 am, according to The Sun.


“the doctor from Ourem sent her to Belem with a paper saying the baby could only be born if she were operated on,” the woman’s husband reportedly told the media.

Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital, Brazil

With the papers in hand given by a doctor that insisted the baby’s birth should be done through cesarean section, the 8-month-pregnant mother was brought to the second hospital where the horrific scene unfolded.

It took the woman three hours to be admitted into the delivery room, and eventually, the doctors went ahead and ignored the recommendation, deciding to opt for a natural birth.

Accompanying the young mother was a friend of her’s named Amanda Vieira, who later told her family, as well as the police, about repeatedly telling the team that the mother should not give birth naturally. However, the doctors decided to play deaf.

“They didn’t listen and kept telling her to push,” the husband said, according to Mirror. “They pushed so hard that the head came into the nurse’s hand and then fell to the floor. They only operated afterwards to remove the rest of the body.”

Amanda Vieira, the mother’s friend, talks to the media about the incident. Image: Newsflash

After everyone in the room saw the child’s head falling to the floor, the team decided to sedate the mother and opened her to take out the rest of the body.

And while one medical expert claimed that the child had already been dead before the delivery, Amanda told the police that the child’s heartbeat was detected two times in the second hospital. The first time, the nurses detected it when the woman first arrived at the hospital; the second time was during birth.

The husband told the media that his wife also has a 9-year-old boy from a previous relationship. The woman is currently in a state of deep distress due to having lost her baby and still does not know the exact circumstance of her child’s death.

A police investigation into the case is currently ongoing and the city’s governor, Helder Barbalho, recently said that the police should work twice as fast to get to the bottom of the case.

The doctors involved in the case should also be punished, the governor said.

A statement released by the hospital later said:

“Due to being premature and having multiple fatal deformations and presenting soft tissue, several manoeuvres were performed to remove the baby, yet there were complications in the fatal extraction.”

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