Mom reveals her BABY, a travel influencer, earns $1,000 a month traveling the U.S.

This one-year-old baby has already been on FORTY-FIVE flights and earns $1,000 a month as a travel influencer. 

Briggs Darrington, who was born on October 14, 2020, is the first baby travel influencer. For a single year, the infant has been on dozens of flights across the U.S. But that’s not all!

As a social media personality, the one-year-old is making $1,000 a month.

The baby boy has been to 16 states, including Alaska, Utah, Florida, California, and New Mexico. His mom, Jess, believes he is the youngest travel influencer in the world. And she might be absolutely right, as Briggs has an impressive fanbase of nearly 30,000 followers on his Instagram page and about 25,000 on his TikTok account.

The 28-year-old mom from Idaho Falls, who is a full-time travel blogger, reveals her baby makes money while working with tourist boards and brands.

As per Daily Mail, she said:

“I had been running a blog called Part Time Tourists for a few years, being paid to travel the world. But when I got pregnant with Briggs in 2020, I was really nervous that my career was over, as I didn’t know if it was possible to continue with a baby.

But my husband and I really wanted to make it work. So I started to look for social media accounts that talked about baby travel, I couldn’t find a single one!”

After Jess realized there weren’t any baby travel influencers out there, she decided to set up social media accounts for her son. There, she shares tips and tricks about the challenge of traveling with a baby.

The influencer mom continued:

 “I never dreamed that it would end up helping so many new moms that are dealing with postpartum anxiety and depression due to changing their previous lifestyle or being too nervous to leave the home.
Now Briggs the world’s first baby travel influencer!

Briggs went on his first flight when he was just nine weeks old. 

Ever since then, the toddler has seen marvelous views, such as the hot springs along a remote Idaho river, the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the mesmerizing beaches in Hawaii. In fact, his longest flight was from Utah to Hawaii – about eight hours.

Fortunately, the baby’s journey was not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Jess, her husband Steven, and baby Briggs managed to travel in between the lockdowns and continued their trips by strictly following the mandatory guidelines. The mom-of-one said:

“We would wear masks and socially distance ourselves from people. For example, at the airport, instead of going directly to our gate, which would have been busy, we found a gate of a plane that had already left, so it was completely empty, so we had a lot of space.

We also disinfected everything. And if his pacifiers fell on the floor, we wouldn’t hand them back to Briggs. We avoided big city travel, so we haven’t been to places like New York City. Instead we’ve focused on finding those hidden gems, and traveling outdoors, too.”

Jess is thankful for the many adventures her baby boy gets to experience despite the challenges on the road. 

She noted:

“They won’t remember anything at this age. They’re not going to remember that beach vacation you took them to, they’re not gonna remember that airplane ride. They’re not going to remember meeting all of these new faces.

But exposure to different people, different cultures, different environments, different places, is critical for their development.”

As for her groundbreaking idea of sharing valuable tips on traveling with a baby, Jess explained:

“I think we found such a niche market where before I had Briggs, I was doing a ton of research on how to travel with the baby and I couldn’t find a single Instagram or TikTok account specifically dedicated to baby travel.

There’s a ton of kid travel, but nothing aimed at babies. So that’s also a niche we found that people were hungry for, to learn about.”

The happy mom says she doesn’t see her family stopping traveling together anytime soon. She added:

“For the foreseeable future, I can totally see us continuing to travel as a family – along with our mini travel influencer.”

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