Baby koala clings onto dog after mistaking it for its mum

A baby koala joey clung onto pet dog, thinking the dog was its mommy.

This adorable scenery happened in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Henry, the dog owner, took his miniature schnauzer for a walk in his backyard on Sunday morning. They saw the baby koala confused and wandering, probably looking for its mum.

As Henry’s pet Tony was walking around, the lost joey found a purrfect replacement and climbed onto the dog’s back.

Credit: 7news

Although it is not uncommon to see koalas in this region, it’s quite unusual for them to get so close to humans.

Afterward, the koala bear nestled inside Tony’s fur and didn’t seem to let go any time soon. It was clearly enjoying its new ride. On the other hand, the dog wasn’t feeling as comfortable. It tried to get rid of the koala by shaking and rolling around, hoping it will soon get the hint and leave.

Eventually, the baby joey fell on the ground. According to Henry, it climbed back up into the trees. He believes that the baby koala found its way back to its mommy. Tony was a bit confused by his furry friend left but now he seems to be well recovered.

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