Baby girl born with second mouth has it successfully removed

SUCCESS: A baby girl who was born with a second mouth had it successfully removed!

Last year, a newborn girl from Charleston, South Carolina underwent surgery to have her second mouth removed. As per Newsner, she was born with Diprosopus – a duplication of facial parts.

Credits: BMJ Case Reports

Thankfully, the operation was a success.

Her second mouth had lips, teeth, and a tongue, which was moving in synchronization with the oral
tongue when the infant was feeding, as described by BMJ Case Reports.

At the 28-week scan, when the strange growth was first spotted, doctors believed it was just a cyst. But when the baby was born, they were shocked to find out it was indeed a second mouth.

Fortunately, the baby’s second mouth was not connected to her main mouth, so she was able to breathe, eat, and drink normally.

The report says:

“After surgery, she developed some mild fullness of the right face at the surgical incision for which a scan was performed, revealing a fluid collection. The fullness resolved over several months and she did not require further treatment.”

Credits: BMJ Case Reports

Diprosopus is thought to have affected just 35 people in the world over the last century.

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