Baby boy and sister, 5, found next to their parents’ decaying bodies who died after eating toxic pickles

Two children were living alone with their parents’ dead bodies inside their apartment for days before being discovered.

  • Two kids, aged 1 and 5, were found alone in their apartment with their parents’ corpses three days after they passed away.
  • The older child was looking after her baby brother while their mom and dad were “sleeping” for a long time.
  • The cause of the parents’ tragic deaths is allegedly severe food poisoning caused by a jar of pickles.

Parents Alexander Yakunin 30, and Viktoria, 25, of Bolshoye Kuzomkino, Russia, reportedly passed away after consuming poisoned pickles, Newsner reveals.


The poor infants, aged one and five, were living all alone with the corpses of their parents for three days. They were found by a concerned relative who called the home after the couple did not attend a family gathering without warning anyone.

Tragically, the relative discovered that the older child, a 5-year-old girl, was looking after her baby brother while their parents were “sleeping” for a long time. Moreover, during the three extremely traumatic days, the children were sleeping right next to their mom and dad’s blackened lifeless bodies.

It was Alexander’s sister Natalia Bakulina who called the home and found the chilling sight of her brother and his wife lying dead on their bed with their orphaned children beside them. As per the Sun, the phone was answered by the girl who said her father had “turned all black” and she had been looking after her one-year-old brother.


Bakulina, 36, immediately rushed to the couple’s apartment and saw the horrific scene. The children’s aunt said:

“I ran in… and saw everything. I fell down and screamed.” 

As Daily Mail reports, Natalia then called the police and emergency services, dressed up her niece and nephew, and finally got them out of the house of horror.

While the cause of Alexander and Victoria’s tragic deaths is not confirmed, it is suspected that the couple suffered a severe case of food poisoning.

Allegedly, after consuming pickles from a jar that was found opened in their kitchen, they got poisoned by botulinum toxin from the pickles. This particular toxin causes paralysis and even death through respiratory failure.

Neighbor Mikhail Khomchenko assured that liquor poisoning cannot be the cause of death, as they were the “perfect couple” and don’t consume alcohol. He added: “I have only positive feelings about them.”


Furthermore, Viktoria’s mother, 61-year-old Galina Yasturbenko, spoke to news outlet, saying:

“They said we must bury them in sealed coffins. We are shocked. Nobody knows what happened.”

The unfortunate children are currently being cared for by Alexander’s father.

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