10 Awesome Qualities That Make True Friends A Blessing In Life

If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.
– Winnie the Pooh

Friendship means two hearts beating as one.

It means seeing both the good and the bad sides in another person and accepting them as they are. 

Friendship might be the most wonderful thing about life. But the unfortunate truth is that not everyone has the honor to have a true friend during their lifetime.

So, if you are lucky enough to be among people who appreciate and love you for who you are, you are in possession of the greatest bliss of life.

Keep them close to you, cherish their friendship, and always remind them how much of a blessing they are. Because losing them would mean losing yourself.

Let us take a look at 10 qualities that make true friends a blessing in life.

1. You have full trust in each other

You trust each other unconditionally. No matter the severity of the situation you know you can rely on each other. And no matter what you do you both know that you would never do something to hurt one another.

2. You feel good together, even when it’s boring

One of the best signs of true friendship is that no matter where you are or what you do, no matter how dull and boring of a day you may be having, you always feel good in each other’s presence. This is a key sign of a truly intimate connection. Cherish it.

3. You can be your true unbound self around your friend

You can share any secret with them, knowing that they will hear you out and understand you. They will never reveal your secrets to the world because they know that you wouldn’t do it too. They will always accept you and love you regardless of the trouble you might be in.

4. You always tell each other the truth

Regardless of the pain the truth may hold you are always honest with each other. You prefer hearing the painful truth than be coddled with sugary lies. Honesty is key, and that is exactly what friends stand for.

5. You have each other’s backs without being judgmental

No matter the severity of your situation, you can always confide in your friend. In your heart, you know that whatever you may have done, they will always listen and try to put themselves in your skin. And after that, the problem-solving begins.

6. You always find time for each other when in need

You would do anything to help each other out no matter the circumstances or the time. You can always count on each other because you two are deeply committed to your friendship.

7. You respect each other’s opinions

Both of you have diverse ideas and opinions on certain topics. But that has little to do with the love you share for each other. Regardless of your differences, you would never try to change them or make them think your way. It is your differences that make you two so special and in need of each other.

8. Your connection transcends time and space

You can spend extensive periods of time without each other but things are still the same when you reconnect. Your connection is not just any ordinary connection. It is the kind that happens only once in life.

9. You have a similar sense of humor

Others may not get your humor, but that is irrelevant because you two are more than enough when it comes to laughing out loud. You could spend days joking around and having fun, and it would still not be enough.

10. You are supportive of each other’s goals and ambitions

Even when the whole universe is conspiring against you, you keep believing in each other. You believe in your strengths, your skills, and your potential. You believe that you both have what it takes to conquer the world, and that is what keeps you going. That’s what gives you the energy to keep pushing aside each obstacle until you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Do you have a friend who covers each of these points? Let us know your thoughts on true friendship by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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