Why Some Of us Are Attracted To “Crazy” People?

Countless times did I hear from many people that they seem to “attract” the crazy ones. Men attract all these “mad” women, women attract these “bad guys” and so on. Nevertheless, it always ends up in disaster…

Well, let’s suppose we are attracting someone crazy into our “love life”. What would be the typical layout of a crazy person?

Very good at hiding their true nature. They appear “normal” to us, yet very intriguing. They may be almost alike us, and they will definitely be physically attractive – sort of “our type”, or perhaps totally opposite to what we like – exotic. It’s hard to say “No”…

Now, if I can reduce the answer to that question in just one sentence, I would say: We meet the “crazy ones” because we are simply meant to learn about ourselves from them. There are lessons to be taken, which perpetuated by joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain should eventually bring us to a better place. I say “should”, because not everyone is crazy enough to realize that… and learn.

So be the crazy one yourself.

The thing is, that these “crazy people” are only crazy in your mind. In other words, they are who they are, perhaps in different stage of their personal growth. Still, you’ll find them interesting and often irresistible, because that attraction you feel towards them, exactly that kind of intense attraction is meant to keep this relationship going and so you can keep learning. The “crazy ones” will have, or do something we want to do in our life, or they partly will be someone we aim to become.

And this is great news. It means we are striving for being better people.

Of course you need to be reasonable if things get crazy for real. And if you truly believe you are the “normal one”, you will be. As for the rest, it would be crazy not to try the craziness at least once in a lifetime. Before you get committed to anyone “normal” and create more craziness for those who didn’t ask for it.

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