Artist turns boring buildings into colorful masterpieces

This French artist gives life to boring buildings with his extraordinary talent. 

Julien Malland, a Paris-born artist also known as Seth, travels the world and turns gloomy buildings into vivid masterpieces. His large paintings filled with vibrant colors most frequently depict children.

Speaking to Bored Panda, the Parisien said:

“I’m inspired by the environment where I’m painting. It can be a social, cultural, or political situation, or only the shape of the wall.”

The artist, who has been active since the 90s, shares it takes him from a few hours to a few days to finish each of his awe-inspiring artworks.

Even during the pandemic, Seth doesn’t stop making millions of people around the world smile through his masterpieces.

For instance, this June he shared the touching story of “Cecile’s house” – a mural on the wall of the kindergarten school on Mouffetard Street in Paris.

“This painting is the result of my meeting with Cecile, a shopkeeper in the neighborhood since 40 years, whose souvenir and gift store has suffered greatly from the latest restrictions linked to COVID. Cecile wanted to see one of my paintings while drinking her coffee in the morning, her wish is finally realized.”

Alongside another painting from last year, called “Face covering required,” the artist says:

“I take advantage of a Paris emptied of its population to paint my feelings about our new world.”

In his book Extramural: The Chronicles of a Global Painter, Mallard has featured photographs of some of the most stunning artworks he has ever created. He has also documented some of his most adventurous and inspiring journeys around the world.

You can find Seth’s work in locations all over the globe, including in the U.S., Germany, Ukraine, Cambodia, Bali, and China.

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