6 Responses to Arrogant People

We’ve all dealt with arrogance in some form or another. Arrogant people have a tendency to get under your skin, and then stay there the rest of the day.

Whether it’s a passive aggressive comment, or a full blown put down, arrogant people can have a negative effect on your attitude. They can even influence how you see yourself, and how you treat the people around you as well.

The best thing to do if you find yourself surrounded by arrogant people is to leave; you don’t need that kind of behavior or attitude in your life.

However, if you’re forced to deal with arrogant individuals on a regular basis, review these six responses and try one out the next time somebody gets under your skin.

1. That Hurts

If you’re having a conversation with an arrogant person and they say something that hurts your feelings, simply say it. Most of the time, and arrogant person doesn’t understand the meaning behind their words, so respond by saying ‘ouch’ or ‘that hurts’. Hopefully that makes them realize their words hold weight.

2. What Makes You Say That?

This response is intended to help the arrogant individual see the rationale or reasoning behind whatever generalization, stereotype, or insult they just used. Very rarely is an arrogant person asked to look at his or her own statements in an analytical way, but hopefully this gets them to see what’s wrong with their word choice.

3. There Are Other Points of View

Everyone has the right to their own opinion when it comes to politics, social injustices, and all the other hot topics we talk about on a daily basis, but it’s important to realize that our opinions aren’t the only ones out there. Arrogant people don’t always remember this, and they need to be reminded.

4. Why Are You Better?

When someone is arrogant, they generally think they’re better than somebody else. This is one of the most obvious signs you’re dealing with an arrogant person, and it will show in almost any interaction you have. The next time you hear them elevating themselves above someone else, simply ask what makes them better? It’s not so much about their response as it is making them feel uncomfortable, and most importantly, normal.

5. That Was Very Arrogant

Arrogant people know they’re arrogant. Although they might not realize it through a specific statement, they know how they come across to others, and they don’t like being called out on it. If you respond by telling them what they said was incredibly arrogant, it could catch them off guard, and it tells them you aren’t willing to go along with their unnecessary behavior.

6. You Need to Stop Talking

Sometimes you just need to end the conversation before it becomes worse. An arrogant person can easily say too much, and it may make it difficult for you to respond in a healthy way. Instead of simply leaving the situation, tell them they need to stop. Although this may not have a major impact, as arrogant people always think they’re right, it could give them something to think about.

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