Army vet reunites with his missing service dog on Veterans Day

Veterans Day MIRACLE: An Army vet reunited with his missing service dog on Veterans Day. 

Nick Rankin, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, lost his beloved German Shepherd Fossy two weeks ago. The loss was not only of a four-legged best friend, but also of a service dog helping Nick overcome his PTSD.

Credits: Facebook

Speaking about his loyal companion, Nick told WKBN:

“He’s phenomenal, he’s phenomenal. He’s my best friend. He goes everywhere I go. He’s friendly with everybody. He’s great with all animals. He’s my best friend.”

Fossy went missing while his owner was moving to Boardman, Ohio, from New York. The two-year-old dog escaped from his kennel and was nowhere to be found for days.

Concerned about his best friend’s whereabouts and wellbeing, the veteran began an urgent search mission. He alarmed everyone in the area to be on the lookout, offering a $300 reward for the one who finds Fossy.

In a Facebook post, Nick wrote:

“I know he’s extremely scared right now because he hasn’t been alone since he was 2 months old when I got him. He means the world to me.”

The search for Fossy continued a whole week. Thankfully, a kindhearted resident found the German Shepherd and immediately contacted his distressed owner.

Credits: Facebook

Reportedly, the service dog was found four miles away from the veteran’s home. Excited to be reunited with his beloved pal, Nick said:

“I feel on top of the world to have him back. The amount of relief and amount of gratefulness to have him back is just insane.”

What’s miraculous about Nick and Fossy’s reunion was that it happened on Veterans Day, making the holiday extra special for the Army vet.

“Coming on Veterans Day, having him… I feel on top of the world to have him back and I know he’s just as happy.”

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