Archaeologists discover ancient ‘hangover prevention’ ring

Archeologists found an ancient amethyst ring believed to be able to cure hangovers. 

Credits: Israel Antiquities Authority

The magical ring was discovered in the Israeli city of Yavne. It was located just 150 meters away from a large Byzantine-era winery. Experts suppose it dates as far back as Roman times, Unilad reports.

According to the co-director of the excavation, Dr. Elie Haddad, the ring purportedly “belonged to the owner of the magnificent [winery] warehouse, to a foreman.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Amir Golani, an archeologist, claimed that amethyst may have been worn to prevent the ill effects of drinking too much alcohol, as per CNN. He explained:

“Many virtues have been attached to this gem, including the prevention of the side effect of drinking, the hangover.”

Credits: Israel Antiquities Authority

The specialist added:

“The wearing of the jewel indicated their status and wealth. Such rings could be worn by both men and women.”

Greek mythology says that amethyst was dyed purple from the tears of Dionysus, god of wine.

In fact, the word itself has an intriguing meaning. Variance explains:

“Deriving its name from the ancient Hellenistic Greek: Amethystos meaning ‘a’ not & ‘methysko’ meaning ‘intoxicate’, both the ancient Greek and Roman societies believed that Amethyst had the ability to protect from drunkenness, with the ancient Greeks even fashioning drinking vessels and wearing amethyst jewelry.”

Credits: Israel Antiquities Authority

As per Dr. Golani, the discovery of this hangover prevention ring was extraordinary. He commented:

“Finding an ancient ring with a semi-precious stone intact is rare.”

Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed a semi-precious stone like the amethyst could prevent intoxication? Let us know in the comment section! 

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