“Anti-mask Karen” arrested for defying COVID rules yells: “Police brutality”

Anti-masker cried “police brutality” after she was arrested for not wearing a mask inside a bank. 

  • Terry Wright, 65, was arrested for refusing to wear a mask inside a bank in Texas.
  • The anti-masker claimed she was not obligated to put a mask on, failing to realize she was not inside a public, but a private place. 
  • Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the mask restrictions in the state, but private businesses are allowed to set their own COVID rules.
Credits: ABC13

Last week, a 65-year-old woman was arrested for defying COVID-19 restrictions at a Galveston, Texas, Bank of America. Terry Wright, the anti-masker, claimed she was not obligated to wear a mask because Gov. Greg Abbott lifted mask restrictions in the state, as HuffPost reports.

However, the officer who arrested the woman reminded her that the lift does not include private businesses. He explained that they are allowed to set their own limitations and refuse service to people who refuse to follow the rules.

The policeman can be heard saying:

“Ma’am, listen: We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

To this, Wright responds:

“What are you going to do? Arrest me? That’s hilarious.”

Despite the officer trying to explain to the woman that she needs to put a mask on, she says: “Are you serious?”

Refusing to follow the policeman’s orders, Wright eventually finds herself cuffed on the ground. While the officer tries to handcuff her, she resists the arrest and even accuses him of “smashing her arm into her private area.”

Credits: ABC13

In a bid to gain the sympathy of the other customers in the bank, the woman yells:

“Police brutality right here, people.”

However, instead of sympathizing with her, they all agree: “No, no it is not.”

According to the Daily News of Galveston County, police had obtained an arrest warrant on resisting arrest and criminal trespassing charges. During the struggle, the woman reportedly suffered minor injuries, and she was taken to a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital for treatment.

Credits: ABC13

Wright, dubbed by the Daily Dot as “an anti-mask Karen,” hadn’t been charged or booked into the jail as of Friday afternoon because she was being treated for her injuries, police said.

In an interview with ABC 13, the woman commented she was glad she stood her ground. As of wearing masks, she said:

“I won’t wear that diaper on my face!”

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