Another Mysterious Monolith Appears In Romania After The First One Vanished From Utah

A mysterious monolith has just popped up in Romania – after a similar structure vanished from a desert in Utah. 

According to local media, the 13ft (4m) monolith was found on Batca Doamnei Hill in Piatra Neamt city.

The monolith has a triangular shape and is engraved with looping scrawls. Its origin is unknown, but it is highly similar to the Utah monolith which was seen a couple of weeks ago.

People are now speculating whether the structures are somehow linked.

According to the Utah Bureau of Land Management, the monolith has disappeared on November 27.

The structure was first spotted by wildlife officials who were in the process of counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter earlier in November.

The origin of the structures remains unknown, even though it is speculated that they could be the work of pranksters inspired by Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In the novel, a monolith appears on Earth and gives wisdom to an ape tribe.

You can see the monolith found in Romania in the video below.

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