Animals Start Roaming The Cities While People Quarantine Themselves At Home

As more and more countries are put under total lockdown, people often distract themselves with social media, films, or books. And while some governments encourage people to spend time in nature (they still must keep their distance from others), many totally isolate themselves from the outside world.

However, nature, cannot be stopped by the coronavirus and some unexpected consequences of the quarantine are starting to manifest.

In countries like Italy, Japan, and Thailand, people are starting to see wild and non-wild animals alike walking in the streets.

In Japan, deer were seen roaming the streets to look for food. Normally, the park (Nara Park), is filled with tourists, and the Sika deer are one of the main attractions.

Image source: okadennis

People would normally buy crackers meant especially for deer feeding, but as the tourists disappeared, the deer seem to have decided to come out of their home park and search for sustenance.

Image source: okadennis

The locals of Nara, reported seeing deer that normally don’t leave the park come out into the city.

Image source: okadennis

Numerous pictures and videos of the deer in the streets of Nara have been shared on the web, with people’s reactions ranging from astonished to shocked.

Image source: okadennis

Twitter user okadennis, who shared some photos of the deer said he found the whole thing amusing.

Image source: okadennis

Another video recording shows a large group of hungry monkeys desperately searching for food in Lopburi, Thailand.

Posted by Sasaluk Rattanachai on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Pictures of wild boars walking around the streets of Italy also emerged online.

Image source: taylorswifh

Italy is perhaps one of the countries with the most severe virus situation at the moment, with hundreds of people dying every day.

Image source: taylorswifh

People on social media have posted photographs of sheep, boars and a horse roaming the streets of Italy.

Image source: be-until-theday-idie

Most of the users were having a great time with the whole situation despite the horrific circumstances during which it all occurred.

Image source: dopo-magari-lo-cambio

Have you been observing wild animals in the streets in your area so far? Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed it.

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