Shockingly life-like android robots are entering the workforce and soon may take your job

A Russian startup company has revealed a new model of android robots it wishes to sell to businesses with heavy customer service loads, like airports, museums, and banks. 

Russian tech company Promobot has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, and Robo-C is the ‘world’s first humanoid android, which not only simulates the appearance of a person but also is able to integrate into business processes.’

Robo-C is able to mimic human facial expressions and can realistically move its lips, eyes, eyebrows and other facial muscles, thanks to 16 moving parts, and can learn a  total of 600 facial expressions.

The robots can also talk directly to users and even come with an Artificial Intelligence which contains 100,000 modules of speech, according to CNBC.

A piece costs between $20,000 and $50,000 depending on the choice of customization.

Robo-C has been build to cover the needs of a number of commercial uses, including housework.

Promobot has currently four Robo-C orders, one to serve at a government services center by scanning passports.

See the Robo-C in action in the video below.

Another piece will be delivered to a robot expo, and two others are being constructed for a Middle-eastern family to resemble the mother and father.

Oleg Kivokutrzev, Promobot co-founder, had the following to say:

‘The key moment in development [of Robo-C] is the digitization of personality and the creation of an individual appearance,’ he told CNBC. ‘As a result, digital immortality, which we can offer our customers.’

One of the company’s competitors is ANA Holding’s Avatar division, who see the android field as something that could transform the entire economy.

‘What we’re creating is an Uber platform for robots,’ ANA’s Akira Fukabori told CNBC.

‘They’re not made for a specific use—that’s how they’re different. We are developing robots as infrastructure. People can just avatar in to the robot they want to use.’

‘Teachers can avatar in to classrooms and doctors can avatar in to hospitals, or you can use one to go shopping. You decide what to do, and these are just the tools to let you do that.’

They even made an Einstein-bot.

Do you think this technology is a step in the right direction for humanity, or do you believe trouble will inevitably follow suit as AI becomes more intelligent?

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