61-Year-Old Lady Seeking Advice On ‘Vintage Bottle Stopper’ Mortified To Find Out What It Actually Was

A 61-year-old lady posted a photo of a mystery glass object she discovered in her garden in a glass collector Facebook group.

She believed it was an antique bottle stopper or an odd chess piece. But she never imagined this object could be what it turned out.

Jane, a lovely old lady, who’s also a churchgoer, sought help to identify the mystery item she believed to be a ‘vintage bottle stopper’ according to Mirror. But the moment she found out what it actually was, she said there isn’t enough soap in the world.  In the Facebook post, Jane wrote:

“Got a friend of my sister that came across a solid glass piece. Since she can’t figure it out she reached out to me and now I’m reaching out to all of you! Hoping to get an idea of what it is. Only thing coming to mind is either a bottle stopper for a decanter or possibly a chess piece. 4.5 inches tall, 1.5 diameter at fat part and 1.75 at base. No significant scratches anywhere does look to have reflective gold coating on it.”

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Some netizens were quick to recognize the essence of the object Jane found in her garden.

One of them delicately explained to her:

“It’s a stopper… just not for a bottle.”

Scrolling through less tactful replies to her post, the 61-year-old Indiana resident found out that the strange treasure was, as you already may suggest, a sex toy. As soon as she could, Jane updated her post, saying:

“I am thankful I know nothing of this ‘world’ that uses products such as this and quite frankly, I don’t want to know. Well my sister and I are both cracking up! But the fact she picked it up and handled it… I don’t think there’s enough soap to wash away that image.”

Jane’s post gathered so much attention the moderator had to disable comments simply to keep up.

To her suggestion it was some sort of a chess piece, someone replied:

“Looks like she found a knight. Maybe the others will turn up soon. It’s a shame when a set gets split apart.”

Understandably, Jane, her sister, and her sister’s friend didn’t want to be identified, as they are all very active members of their churches. They didn’t want this misunderstanding to harm their reputations. Jane adds:

“Now that we all know what it is, we have thoroughly washed our hands (even though two of us never touched it) and are having a good laugh at the education we just got. My sister is very religious and so is her friend and quite frankly none of us knew what it was. Her friend is now horrified!”

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