An epic journey: Man and his dog are walking 25,000 miles across the globe

Four years ago, a spirited traveler set off on an adventurous journey…

And even though his journey has been temporarily halted due to the COVID-19, his story is worth being told.

The hero of this story is Tom Turcich. A few years ago, Tom left his hometown with the bold dream of walking 25,000 miles across the globe. Since he started his epic journey, the courageous traveler has walked 16,500 miles across 37 countries on six continents.

And the best part is, he’s not alone. Tom is accompanied by his loyal, loving dog named Savannah.

To reach his goal, Turcich and Savannah have only 8,000 miles and a continent left. This is probably the best walk a dog has ever been on!

Considering the ongoing pandemic, the 31-year-old adventurer and his adorable partner in crime have presently hobbled their legendary journey. They are now staying in Azerbaijan, Asia until the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

As soon as the coronavirus measurements are canceled, Tom and his loving companion will resume their adventures.

Their next main destination will be Mongolia, after which they plan to visit Australia, the last continent on their list.

The incredible idea of walking the Earth came to Tom’s mind after the tragic loss of a close friend. He promised himself that no matter what, he will go on this journey, starting from his home in New Jersey.

At first, he was traveling on his own. But when he reached Austin, Texas, he met a mongrel in need of love and affection. Tom didn’t hesitate and took Savannah with him on his heartfelt expedition. The pair have been inseparable ever since.

What’s more, the 5-year-old dog is allegedly the first canine to ever walk the length of the Americas. Her owner is hoping she would become the first dog to walk the whole world. Tom shares with LADbible:

“The relationship between Savannah and I have evolved over the years. When I adopted her in Austin, Texas, I actually didn’t feel much towards her. I was hoping she would provide some protection, but after crossing Mexico together, which was a whirlwind for me and basically where Savannah grew up, I realized how much she meant to me.”

He describes how all the challenges they have been through made him not only love and admire Savannah but also deeply respect her for her courage and loyalty. The traveler continues:

“In places like Costa Rica, it was adjusting to the sweltering heat and humidity in the jungle, whereas next year crossing Kazakhstan the challenge will be carefully planning that we have enough water and food crossing the desert between towns. There’s also the ever-present challenge of finding somewhere to sleep each night.”

Turcich admits that his plans have significantly changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, he’s hopeful that he and his loving dog will soon continue their epic adventure.

“Either way I’ll push as far east as I can this year, heading into Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan again then Mongolia. After that, we’ll walk Australia then return home for a six-month walk across the US from California to my home in NJ.”

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