American Man Sues Psychic Who “Promised To Remove Curse From Ex-Girlfriend”

A man from California is suing a psychic who allegedly promised but failed to remove a curse from his former girlfriend.

Mauro Restrepo says he left his session with Sophia Adams feeling hopeful as she claimed she would manage to chase off a curse placed on his marriage by his ex, who had allegedly hired a witch to do so.

The psychic told Rastrepo he and his family would be “unhappy and in danger” if appropriate action was not taken immediately. Unfortunately, the “curse” is still present, and now the desperate man is taking legal action.

Restrepo is now hoping to get $25,000 citing civil conspiracy, damages for negligence, infliction of emotional distress, as well as other allegations, as per BBC News.

And the psychic’s services did not come cheap…

The man says Adams told him she had the powers needed to rescue his marriage and charged him $5,100 for her services. Restrepo found the psychic on the web where she describes herself as a “psychic love specialist” and “Ph.D. Life Coach.” The Ph.D. part gave Restrepo the assurance he needed to contact her.

During their meeting, Adams is said to have read Restrepo’s tarot cards and told him that his former girlfriend had cursed him with bad luck, which would destroy his life.

That was enough to convince the desperate man to pay a deposit of $1,000, only for Adams to “not in any way help” his situation, leaving him anxious and depressed. The psychic’s defendants include her husband, daughter, and landlords.

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