Ambitious Gynecologist Creates World’s First Unisex Condom

A Malaysian gynecologist has created the first “unisex condom,” in order for people to take “better control of their sexual health.”

John Tang Ing Chinh, the founder of medical supplies company Twin Catalyst Sdn Bhd, made the “Wondaleaf Unisex Condom” out of medical-grade material, which is normally being used for wound and injury dressing.

According to the company’s description, the unisex condoms are “thin, unique” and also “stick-on.”

After putting his invention through a number of clinical trials, the doctor is hopeful about its progress, according to Reuters.


Tang’s dream is to create a product made for any-and-everyone that will help people make safer choices in their sexual life.

He explained that his creation is “basically a regular condom with an adhesive covering,” which “attaches to the vagina or penis, as well as covering the adjacent area for extra protection.”

The product’s website states that its “default configuration is an internal condom, but the centrally located non-adhesive pouch can be inverted to become an external condom.”

“Wondaleaf Unisex Condom’s unique adhesive properties allow a user to wear the condom long before anticipated sexual activity so intimacy will not be interrupted,” it reads.


Surprisingly Unnoticeable

Tang also said that “you often don’t realize that it’s there” when you put it on, as the condom is made from thin and flexible polyurethane material. Surprisingly, it is also strong and waterproof, he went on to say.

He hopes that his invention will succeed in becoming a “meaningful addition to the many contraceptive methods used in the prevention of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.”

The condoms may be officially released in December, and the company says it will provide “innovative and affordable products that can contribute positively to the provision of medical services to all.”

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