Amazing Video Shows Chicken Growing In An Open Egg

People were shocked to see a video of a chicken being hatched in an open egg. 

Normally, a fertilized egg transforms into a hatchling in about three days. It’s something we don’t think too much about, but a video shared on the web shows exactly how it happens, and it’s quite an amazing sight.

TikToker Daniel Internet shared a video where someone is performing a weird experiment: artificially going through the hatching process with an open egg.

The expert starts by cutting out the top of the eggshell, before putting a seethrough film on top. They then inject the egg with an unspecified liquid, which evidently helps the fetus to start evolving into a little chicken.

Image: @best.internet/TikTok

Eventually, the baby hatches and is taken out of its shell by the person. Later on, it can be seen standing on its two feet looking strong and healthy.

One person suggested the injections were a mix of “nutritional and anti-infection medicines” given to the embryo so that it would be able to go through the natural stages of hatching.


This is unbelievable 😳 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #unbelievable

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One person in the comments wrote:

“That is both amazing and absolutely disgusting.”

Another commented:

“It’s the beauty of life in action.”

A third wrote:

“Jesus almighty, I am equally repulsed and accuse you of some action there’s probably a hashtag for, and amazed and curious with how it all ends, like a car crash.”

And yet another asked:

“What’s so disgusting about it? Just an egg, and then a chicken. You know what’s really disgusting? Poop.”

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