Always be grateful no matter how hard life may get

No matter how bad life treats you, always be grateful.

Be grateful because you are here, part of this world. You are alive.

Be grateful for having people in your life who care about you, no matter if they are many or few.

Be grateful for those who haven’t abandoned you when you were feeling hopeless. Be grateful for your family that has never given up on believing in you and supporting you through thick and thin.

Be thankful, too, for all the people who broke your heart and opened your eyes to see that life can be extremely difficult and unfair because they made you stronger and wiser.

Be grateful for the emotional injuries you have been inflicted, for all the fights you’ve fought, for all the heartbreaks and disappointments you’ve had to endure, and for all the losses you have experienced. And all of this proves that you are immovable, regardless of how hard and ugly the situations you find yourself may get.

Be thankful for all the happy moments in your life.

Be thankful for how much you enjoy the simple things like drinking your coffee in the morning or how fulfilled you feel when you spend time with the ones you love. Because regardless of how small and trivial these things may appear to be, they make your day a little brighter. They fill your life with joy, happiness, and meaning.

Be grateful for all your failures since they are what shaped you into the person you are today. They made you wiser, stronger, and tougher.

And lastly, be thankful for the life God has granted you.

Because regardless of how hard your life may get, he will never make you deal with more difficulties or pain than you can handle. He won’t ever make you fight battles you don’t stand a chance to win.

And if you keep your faith strong, if you put all your trust in him, and if you are grateful for all the things you have in life, no matter how big or small, you will see that he has an abundance of rewards and blessings waiting for you to claim.

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