All Those Coronavirus Memes We Feel Bad Laughing At

The Coronavirus is really having us going nuts. It’s caused people to hoard toilet paper and turned us all into hand-washing maniacs.

Another strange effect is that people have become obsessed with making COVID-19 memes. Well, it’s not like we have anything better to do.

And this is why you should check out our cool collection of memes to help you remember what life is truly all about…

1. We feel you kids

2. You gotta keep the business going

3. Government logic at its best

4. Stay safe Winnie!

5. Daily!

6. Wilson is one of the few lucky ones

7. Did you ever think you’d live to see the world united under one currency?

8. Burundi knows how it’s done

9. We feel you, parents

10. Make sure to give that bathroom some garlic and alcohol flavor for that extra touch of reality

11. It even got to that cat meme

12. Adapt. Change. Overcome.

13. Who knew…

14. Welcome to the home offish

15. That Lord Of The Rings remake is looking way too realistic!

 16. Poor Mulan

17. Can you relate?

18. There goes that mass extinction conspiracy theory 

19. We expect nothing less from Chuck

 20. Shining paper

21. Too many of us out there…

22. Mhm girl

23. Lucky us

24. Get it? BAT!

 25. The biggest victims 

26. No comment 

27. Which one is it then?

 28. How does it feel to be on the other side of the fence/glass for once?

29. We all need this game right now 

30. It does get tiring… but keep scrolling anyway

31. That’s not nice

32. Not just Americans

33. Careful with that laughter

34. Gotta keep them teeth in…

35. Don’t worry, just two more months… AT LEAST

Did you enjoy our cool meme collection? Drop a comment with some of your own favorite memes and please share with your friends and family to brighten their day.

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