Furious airplane passenger breaks her partner’s laptop over his head for looking at other women

A video of a woman raging on an American Airlines flight shows her shouting and screaming before eventually chasing her boyfriend down the airplane’s aisle and smashing a laptop on his head.

During her foul-mouthed rant at her partner, in which she accuses him of looking at other women, airplane staff can be heard urging her to relax.

After ignoring the staff, she shouts:

“You want to try to f*****g look at other women, n****r? Nah, f*** you!”

“I wear the f*****g nuts, n****r”

Cabin crew on board the Miami to LA flight repeated their request for the woman to calm down and even make her aware of a small boy sitting on a seat behind them.

Shamelessly she replied:

“Yeah, I know, I f*****g consulted the f*****g child.”

Despite not much being said by her partner, the woman shouts: “he’s the f*****g problem” before the stewardesses ask the man to follow them to another seat.

But as he left his seat, the woman viciously hit her boyfriend. He is then heard saying: “You’re assaulting me man” to which she replies “Oh, I’m assaulting you?”

As the man is rushed down the aisle to his new seat, his girlfriend suddenly smashes the laptop over his head.

She is then immediately told that she will be removed from the flight and is likely to be charged with assault. To this, she simply replied with: “Fine, whatever.”

Reportedly, the woman was later arrested.

In a statement, American Airlines told The Sun:

“Prior to departure from the gate on Sunday at Miami International Airport, two passengers who were travelling together were involved in a dispute.”

“Law enforcement was requested, and both passengers were removed from the aircraft.”

“We thank the American crew who worked quickly to diffuse the situation. Their actions resulted in a safe environment for all of our passengers.
Please contact the Miami-Dade Police Department for any further details on their investigation.”

You can watch the full video in the link below:

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