Afghan teen girl kills Taliban fighters to avenge her parents’ murder

A girl from Afghanistan took down three armed members of the Taliban and injured several others after extremists killed her parents for political reasons, according to officials. 

16-year-old Qamar Gul is now being praised by people from all over the world after confronting the Taliban with an AK-47 alongside her 12-year-old brother in a shootout that lasted for an hour.

Around 40 extremists rushed their village of Geriveh, in the Ghor province, last week.

Shortly before the firing started, the enemies murdered her parents because of their support for the government of Afghanistan, who the Taliban have been trying to overthrow for about 20 years.

“The insurgents came to their doorstep and her mother went to see who was knocking. When she saw that they were armed, she refused to open the door,” said Mohamed Aref Aber, a political spokesman for the provincial governor.

Qamar’s mother was gunned down by the Taliban, who then went into the house and took the life of her father, according to Aber. 

After seeing the attack unfold in front of her eyes, Qamar picked up the family weapon and immediately shot dead three extremists. She then went on to engage in an hour-long shootout with their group outside of the house alongside her little brother Habibullah.

People from the village, as well as militia members, then joined the fight eventually pushing the Taliban out of Geriveh, according to officials.

Aber said the sister and brother have been brought to a safe place in another part of Ghor.

“They were in shock in the first two days and could not talk too much, but are in a good condition now,” he said.

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