Ad offers $1000 to anyone who would be MIL’s wedding date who can “distract, de-escalate, and flatter”

A Craigslist ad offers $1000 for a wedding date for a mother-in-law. 

The Reddit community delivers once again. This time, it is with a Craigslist offer that has stunned thousands of Redditors.

In the subreddit F*ckYouKaren, a user named ellendekker posted a screenshot of a page from the website with a peculiar message.

The ad starts with the words:

“Hello! I’m looking for a wedding date for my mother-in-law from Friday evening to Saturday evening for a wedding in Hudson Valley in August.”

As Newsner reveals, the person who created the ad was offering $1000 for anyone who was a “conservationist, de-escalator, good dancer,” and had “experience with narcissists.” Moreover, the candidate had to be “able to pretend [they were] a guest interested in sitting/dancing with MIL, able to give her [their] undivided attention, ideally [in the] age range 40-60ish.” Owning a suit was also amongst the requirements.

According to the ad, the mother-in-law was a 51-year-old slim and attractive woman who “needs constant attention and supervision.”

But that’s not all…

The poster continues:

“She will probably wear white and try to escalate small dramas- your job is simply to distract and de-escalate. Flatter her for 2 days and make an easy $1000.”

Credits: Reddit

Along with the cash, the candidate would also receive background information, conversation topics, hotel room, food, and travel expenses. The interested applicants had to send a picture of themselves and write a short message describing their interest.

The ad concludes:

“You will also need to be able to OK with us running a background check on you just for safety’s sake.”

Redditors were quick to comment on the bizarre wedding offer. 

One user wrote:

“The pay is more than okay and he’s honest. Hell, I’d take the job. 10/10 advertising.”

Another said:

“It says free food and travel in the ad. Sounds like a deal to me.”

A third added:

“I deal with crazy family members for far less every week, so I would definitely be down for this!”


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