About 500 colorful nighttime window displays cheer up neighbors during lockdown

Magical nighttime window displays cheer up the residents of Cotswold. 

As Good News Network reports, Cotswold villagers have come up with a creative way to put a smile on their neighbors. The wonderful town of Wotton-under-Edge is now a place of nearly 500 colorfully decorated windows. The enchanting illustrations cheer up the local residents on their daily walks during the lockdown.

Raising people’s spirits during the pandemic and celebrating community has become this year’s Wotton Window Wanderland event’s theme. Currently, hundreds of families are signed up for the show, which is thought to be the country’s biggest outdoor art program at the moment.

Locals are hopeful that their colorful initiative will inspire other places around the globe to put a smile on their residents through the magic of art.

If you’re not from Cotswold, but you want to take a look at the window gallery, you can see all of the designs on the event’s Instagram page.

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