Abandoned Furless Puppies Give Rescuers Incredible Surprise When Their Fur Grows Back

This is the wonderful story of a man who was able to rescue 4 homeless baby dogs who were in such bad condition that they’ve lost all their fur. 

And the rescuer was pleasantly surprised when their fur finally grew back.

The babies were apparently found by an anonymous person in the woods near Sylacauga in the state of Alabama, as per The Dodo.


The man quickly brought them to an animal shelter where people were left in shock by their poor condition. The furless babies were so little that they were thought to be of a small breed. However, eventually, an incredible discovery was made as the pups got better.


Illinois Second City Canine Rescue president Jacquie Cobb also decided to help out when the shelter pleaded for help to care for the babies.

Image: SCCR

The tiny miracles were taken to Auburn Veterinary College to be treated for scabies before being placed in foster homes.

No doubt that the medicated baths and good meals did wonders for the little ones. And soon, their beautiful white fur started growing back and the rescuers began to wonder about their breed. Nicole Zaguroli of SCCR thought they were Great Pyrenees/poodle mixes due to their curly fur. But they were also surprised when an adopter decided to find out for sure.


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Zaguroli said:

“One of our adopters did a DNA test and shared the results with us today and they are 100-percent Great Pyrenees!” 


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The breed is also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. They grow big and are often used as livestock guardian dogs. They are famous for their sweet nature and pure breeds are in high demand these days.

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