Abandoned Boy Was Living On His Own For 6 Months, Police Say

A 14-year-old boy was found living alone in Morris Township after being abandoned by his family half a year ago, police say.

Officers saw the teen riding his bike without lights at 4 in the morning on June 11, according to a police statement.

Police say that when an officer tried to follow him, the boy quickly went into a house.

A local told police that the child lived in the area, but did not have family or a legal guardian.

After conducting an investigation, authorities found that the boy arrived in the United States in December 2019 and lived with his dad until last year. However, his father moved to Honduras and the teen moved in with his uncle.

The boy left his uncle’s house this January and has been living alone for 6 months now, according to police.

So far nobody has been charged, authorities say. 

The boy was taken to the hospital for a medical check-up and is currently being cared for by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

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