A Third Of Brits Wash Their Bedsheets Once Per Year, According To Survey

A third of the United Kingdom’s population wash their sheets only once per year, a recent survey reveals. 

The Hammonds Furniture survey was taken by 2000 people, and nearly 30% of them admitted to washing their bedsheets only once in 12 months.

Also, 36% of them revealed that they wash blankets once a year, and nearly 18% said they wash their jeans once per year…

The survey notes that this gross habit can eventually bring about bed bugs, dust mites, fungal infections and skin problems.

Image: Dollars Shave Club

According to Dr. Aragona Giuseppe, a Medical Advisor at Prescription Doctor, changing your bedsheets once per week is desirable for optimal cleanliness.

Of the people whot took part in the survey 45% said they wash their towels after five uses, while 40% said they wash them after every use.

The findings also reported that millennials 25-34-year-olds are the cleanest generation, and 17% of them wash their clothes after wearing them once. Meanwhile, only 13% of 65+ year-olds wash their clothes after one wear.

Check out the table with the survey results below:

Image: Hammonds

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