A Flat-Earther Brought a Spirit Level on a Plane to Prove the Earth is Flat

A flat earth conspiracy theorist has taken a spirit level to convince people that our planet is not actually round.

According to YouTuber D Marble, researchers had presented data in the past that supports the Earth is round, but not much evidence was produced in more recent times.

So, to prove his own point, he got on board a North Carolina – Seattle flight with a ‘spirit level’ in hand.

A spirit level. Image: Wikipedia

In a YouTube post, he said he wanted

“to monitor whether or not the pilot would dip the nose of the plane to compensate for curvature.”

D Marble said:

“I recorded a 23 minute & 45 second time-lapse which by those measurements means the plane travelled a little over 203 miles. According to curvature math given to explain the globe model, this should have resulted in the compensation of 5 miles of curvature. As you’ll see there was no measurable compensation for curvature.


The bubble doesn’t stay centered due to gravity. Understand that gravity is a still just a theory. Consider how gravity supposedly comes about…a molten metal core which somehow becomes magnetized. If that is the case, then metal foundries should all be magnetized…should they not? Also, how does magnetism effect an air bubble inside a glass cylinder containing a liquid more saline than water?

No more defending what we know to be true! Now we take the fight to the enemy! #FEOffensive”

And fellow flat-earthers couldn’t have been more pleased with the findings…


You can check out his full video by clicking below.

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