A Few Forms Of Emotional And Verbal Abuse That Often Go Overlooked

While the existence of verbal and emotional abuse is undeniable, most people choose to close their eyes to them.

We tend to think that such things are just a normal part of everyone’s life when in truth they are extremely harmful to our overall wellbeing.

Unfortunately, in many cases, emotional abuse can be hard to spot until damage has already been done. We believe that the things life has put us through will keep on repeating themselves without stopping to think whether we’re supposed to put up with them at all.

When you are constantly being made to feel guilty about everything wrong that happens in your relationship, your partner is, in fact, abusing you.

And maybe you don’t see it in this way, but this is exactly what it is. Victimhood signaling, gaslighting, the silent treatment, and many other things mean that you are being controlled, and while we all know that this is all wrong, many of us keep falling prey to such abuse nonetheless.

Emotional abuse may start small but grow over time as the abuser becomes more confident that no matter what they do, you’ll keep coming back to them.

The abuse may not start until you two have moved in together, or brought a child into the world. And when you finally begin to realize the trap you’ve fallen into, you may start remembering the red flags that you ignored back in the days.

As time goes by, you become a shell of your former self and do whatever you can to not anger the abuser in any way.

Emotional abuse can be extremely harmful when the victim is being subjected to it for a long time and can lead to things such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, low sexual libido, and chronic pain, among others.

Those with enough self-respect would never allow someone to abuse them in this way.

But sadly many people let it slide because they fear what might happen if they confront the abuser. Normally, those people look inward and blame themselves because they are unable to bring forth the strength necessary to stand up for themselves.

If you’ve stood by while an abuser took advantage of you, you may have been a victim of emotional abuse in the past, even though you may not see it this way.

Maybe you had an abusive mother or father, or a sibling who used to taunt and beat you. The process of healing involves retrospection, finding the root cause of the problem, self-forgiveness, and working towards higher self-confidence.

After all, if you are unable to open up and talk things through with the person who is harming you without them getting enraged, you’re most likely the victim of abuse. Act now and stop allowing people to belittle you or abuse you in any way.

You deserve better!

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