97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Vows To Continue TikTok Despite Antisemitic Abuse

A 97-year old Holocaust survivor has kept on inspiring people around the world in the face of antisemitic abuse. 

Lily Ebert is one of the oldest TikTok influencers. She talks about the times of the Holocaust in Auschwitz and offers insight. But as of recently, she has been under attack by vicious anti-semites.

As Israel and Palestine have once again found themselves in a deadly conflict, Lily has seen a rise in antisemitic comments on her page.


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♬ original sound – Lily Ebert & Dov Forman

The insidious comments include: ‘Happy Holocaust’ and ‘Peace be upon Hitler’.

Lily’s great-grandson, Dov Forman, has spoken out about the ugliness of the events. He helps her run the TikTok page and wrote the following on Twitter regarding the situation:

“Over the past few days my great Grandmother (Auschwitz survivor) and I have continued to receive messages of hate on Tiktok and Twitter.

We will not allow this to stop us from educating about the horrors of the past, and what hatred can lead to.

Hate only breeds hate.”

Forman’s tweet has received thousands of likes and many people offered their support on both Twitter and TikTok.

One person wrote:

“The Holocaust didn’t start with the death camps. It started with people, just like those today insulting your great grandmother, attacking Jews in newspapers and on the streets. We said “Never again” but to our shame your great grandmother has seen the wheel turn full circle.”


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♬ original sound – Lily Ebert & Dov Forman

Lily is determined to keep educating the youth about the horrors of WW2 despite the abuse she receives online.

In her book Lily’s Promise: How I Survived Auschwitz and Found the Strength to Live, Lily describes what her life was like in Auschwitz. She has earned more than 90,000 TikTok followers and it appears her messages are making a powerful impact.


#holocuastsurvivor describes her #upset & #disappointment over the rise in antisemitism. #97yearold #jewish #hungarian #hebrew #peace #love #mystory

♬ original sound – Lily Ebert & Dov Forman

There has been a sharp rise in antisemitism all across the world in recent days. See political commentator Ben Shapiro’s take on this issue in the video below. 

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