92 percent of men have dreamed of this one sex fantasy, survey reveals

Would you be surprised after finding out what men mostly fantasize about in their sex dreams? Let’s see!

Dreams have been a topic of scientific, philosophical, and religious interest for centuries. Lately, they have become a matter of sexual interest as well.

A recent study revealed that the majority of men have had the same erotic dream. Out of 1,000 males participating in the survey, a striking 92% have had wet dreams about sex with an ex.

The curious research aimed to expose the most common sex dreams among both men and women. For instance, compared to the stunning 92% of men who had dreamed of their exes, the percentage of women who said they had fantasized about their past lovers in their dreams was only 54.

As for the most common female sex fantasy, 75% of the 1,000 women surveyed claimed they had had erotic dreams about a close friend. Sex with a co-worker turns out to be the second-most frequently reported intimate dream for the ladies.

Does the current social isolation have something to do with these thought-provoking revelations? 

As Allie Hogan from Best Life notes, many people got in touch with their exes during the lockdown. This may have led to a certain hike in dreams about former partners. Sex educator Suzannah Weiss says:

“When the future looks uncertain, thoughts of the past and the familiar are comforting, so it’s only natural to think or dream of your ex.”

Furthermore, as per psychologist and sex and intimacy coach Lori Beth Bisbey, Ph.D., dreams are always incredibly complex. She explains:

“For example, in a dream, your ex may represent all of the women you have desired but couldn’t have. When you have a sex dream about your ex, it may mean you are missing that particular time period in your life, or if you are single, you miss having a person in your life with whom you have regular sex.”

However, another expert argues that dreaming about an ex-lover may be a sign of something much deeper. Sociologist and clinical sexologist Sarah Melancon, Ph.D., claims:

“A sex dream about an ex is definitely not a blanket ‘sign,’ but it is possible it could be for certain men. Even if a man has no desire to get back together with his ex, he may miss the intimacy they shared.”

Melancon explains that the emotions felt in the dream “may reveal a deeper subconscious meaning.”

So, what do we fantasize mostly about in our sexual dreams? 

Top 5 most popular male sex dreams:

  • Sex with an ex – 92%
  • Embarrassing sex dreams where something goes wrong – 76%
  • Group sex – 72%
  • Sex with a celebrity – 68%
  • Sex in a public place – 59%

Top 5 most common female sex dreams:

  • Sex with a friend – 75%
  • Sex with a work colleague – 68%
  • Sex with a stranger – 62%
  • Sex with my current partner – 58%
  • My partner cheats on me – 57%

How often do people have erotic dreams?

  • Every few days – 26%
  • Once a week – 16%
  • Once a fortnight – 12%
  • Once a month – 14%
  • Few times a year – 20%
  • Never – 12%

Do you agree with the study’s results? How often do you have sex dreams? Do they include an ex-partner? Leave a comment to let us know!

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