Meet the 9-year-old boy who exchanges his custom pet paintings to help animal shelters

Heroes don’t always wear capes. However, their positive deeds often speak for themselves. The story you are about to read proves that even the smallest of us have what it takes to bring positive change to the world while restoring faith in younger generations.

Kids can come up with the smartest ways to solve issues grown-ups often fail at.

So how do you combine your love for homeless animals with your love of art?

A soulful 9-year-old Russian boy named Pavel Abramov has a great answer to this question.

The little painter from Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod has been creating wonderful portraits of animals and not to earn cash for his toys or a new technical device, as you may have guessed. He exchanges his beautiful portraits for pet food and supplies he donates to a local animal shelter.

Pavel and his mo Ekaterina Bolshakova started the project together and named it “Kind paintbrush” about one year ago.

Pavel developed the idea when he lost a four-legged friend and he could simply no longer ignore the stray animals wandering the streets of his town. He needed to make a change in memory of his precious Barsik and he most certainly did it in the most generous and creative way.

However, this was not the beginning of their animal rescue journey. The two have been managing a group on Russian social media site, VK, called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” which has been showing people that everyone with a heart can follow their example.

Pavel doesn’t receive help from fundraising organizations; he does not have a boss or employees underneath him – but he has a big heart and talent to match.

He paints real animals of owners willing to sign a deal to provide large amounts of meat, porridge, and other supplies in exchange for a painting of their loving animal friend.  Pavel knows each of the pets by name and meets them once the painting is done. He paints based on pictures of them and always wants to know how they met their owners.

Pavel is deeply moved by the touching stories of rescued animals and this likely has a large influence on his commitment.

Pavel’s story has already touched the hearts of people beyond Arzamas city. Animal lovers from all corners of Russia and beyond want to have paintings of their pets made and take part in Paver’s mission of charity. Pavel’s art has traveled to Germany, Spain and more countries to come.

Arzamas is currently home to more than 100 dogs, and Pavel is the youngest volunteer of the shelter. Pavel exchanges his paintings for household supplies, accessories, and food, depending on the shelter’s needs at that time.

Little Ksyusha’s painting was given for 6 kg of buckwheat, bandages, medicine, and dog food.

The portrait of Chuck was given to the customer in exchange for 10 cans of dog food, 5 kg of buckwheat, and skin medicine.

Jesse’s painting went out for 7 kg of offal and 3 kg of buckwheat.

The portrait of Timofey was exchanged for medicine and collars for dogs.

Two beautiful hamsters were presented to their owner for 4 kg of dog food, 2.5 kg of dry food, a toy, and a leash.

Sweet Onyx’s portrait went for 3 kg of dog food, 2.5 kg of oatmeal, 4 kg of pearl barley, household supplies, and treats for dogs.

A painting of these three cuties was exchanged for 15 kg of beef.

Wonderful Basi’s portrait was exchanged for 10 kg of buckwheat and 10 kg of pearl barley.

10 kg of beef were given for this portrait of furball Sonya.

Mr. Puzan’s depiction was exchanged for 15 kg of beef trimmings and bones.

“Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time,” Pavel’s mother told Bored Panda.

Pavel hopes to one day become an architect and construct a large dog shelter in the future. But for now, he will help as much as he can through his art and humane acts.

You can follow Pavel’s work on and Instagram.

What are your thoughts on this young boy’s mission of love? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments, and please share this article to spread the good word.

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