9 Simple Things That Can Make The World a Better Place

Often times people get lost in the negative stories they tell themselves. Many believe that the world is an awful place and that nothing good can ever happen. Being stuck in such bad thoughts is a sure way to prevent yourself from being the positive change that you wish to see around you. And we all want to live in a nicer and friendlier environment, right? Then why don’t we make it so? It doesn’t take so much of an effort and to prove that, here is a list of 10 simple things that can make a big change in the world.
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Eye contact

Often times we are so busy thinking about our own problems or staring at the screens of our smartphones that we forget that the people around us are human beings who love being appreciated, just like us. When being around people, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make them feel special or at least, acknowledged, is making good eye contacts. It doesn’t matter if you are hanging out with friends, or having dinner with your family, or buying groceries at the supermarket, eye contact can make the person in front of you feel appreciated. It’s a way to show the people around you that you care for them. Staring at the screen of your smartphone leaves the impression that you are ignoring the people who you are with which can draw them away from you. So, when you have company, make the effort to resist the temptation to constantly look at your phone and concentrate your attention on the other person.

Eliminate complaining, express positivity

You may not realize that, but when you complain about something, you are subconsciously creating a dysfunctional mindset that is going to prevent you later from finding a solution to your problem. This also happens when we focus  our energy on the negative aspects of our lives. But this doesn’t always impact your life only. Complaining can make you become a “bad company” for others, and you can start losing friends. We are so used to thinking about how things can go wrong, about the worst thing that can happen that we forget that there is a positive side to everything in life. Cultivating a positive mindset is hard work in the beginning but it pays off once it becomes a habit. Why not concentrate on how things can work out the best for you and how you can make the best of your current situation? This way you can inspire other people to do so as well.
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Helping others

What can make an enormous difference in the world is to help others. One of the most painful sights is seeing  someone suffer. That is why helping someone is need feels so rewarding- it leaves you feeling like you matter to the world, that you have the power to make a positive change no matter how big or small. It is all in our hands. Helping others is a powerful thing to do- it not only benefits the person (or animal) in need by improving their life, but it also gives a great example to the ones who are around. If we all want to live in a better place, looking out for each other is a big step towards improvement.

Caring for the environment

It is our responsibility to take good care of our planet’s health. We, people, have already made so much damage to our world that pollution has become one of the major problems of today’s society. A variety of animal and plant species have become extinct, and others are endangered. The air we breathe is becoming more and more harmful to our health. Junk is cluttering our oceans and threatening ecosystems. We all want to live in a beautiful environment, but few of us are taking action to preserve its purity and health. The simplest thing we all can do in order to take care of our planet is to recycle. It reduces the amount of waste which is being sent to landfills, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions that cause global climate anomalies, and it helps sustain the environment for the future generations. These are just a few of the benefits of recycling which can change the world we live in for the better. Another practical thing we can do is to take care of our planet’s natural resources. Renewable energy sources are a great way to make a positive change in the world and preserve our environment.
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Being kinder and more patient to ourselves.

If we want to improve the world around us, taking good care of ourselves is one of the first steps. If we are not patient with ourselves, how can we expect to be patient with others? If we don’t love ourselves, how can we afford to love others? When we understand how important it is to learn self-love and to be kind to ourselves, we can spread kindness and love in the world around us, too.


Smiling is one of the best and simplest ways to spread positivity and warm feelings towards the world around us. It doesn’t only have a great impact on the people around, but on our own health, too. It has been proven by different studies that smiling fights stress and anxiety boosts the immune system and the release of endorphins in our bodies which leaves us feeling happier. It is also contagious which means that when we see someone smile, our brains’ area that controls the facial expressions activates, which results in us smiling, too. A simple smile makes us more approachable  and attractive to others. It shows that we are open to socializing and that we are confident in ourselves.
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Appreciating the present moment.

The best time to make a positive change is NOW. Worrying about the future and not letting go of our past deprives us of being aware in the present moment. That is why practicing mindfulness in the “now” can be so beneficial to our existence. Being focused on what you are doing and learning not to let your mind wander in different directions is the way to go. Appreciate where you are now in order to be able to fully experience what is happening in the present.

Expressing gratitude towards the people in our lives

In our lives we meet different kinds of people- some of them have a great impact on our lives, others- not so much. What is important is that we let them know how we really feel about them, especially the ones who have had a positive impact on us. Expressing our gratitude for them being in our lives, complimenting their qualities will make them feel special and appreciated. It is so important to note that, because often times we might think about how much we like someone’s courage or kindness, or positive approach to life but we forget to let them know how much they have inspired us to be better. Everyone deserves to be reminded that they matter.
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Having fun

What people should never forget is to have fun on their lifetime journey. Too many people are bitter with their life because they have forgotten how to enjoy it. If we all have fun and do the things that we love doing, imagine what a wonderful world we would live in. So be the change you wish to see in the world and don’t take all things too serious, smile to the world and enjoy your life.
Image: Bill Brooks

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