8 ways to catch a narcissist who thinks they’ll never get caught

Narcissists are amongst the people with the hardest personalities to deal with.

What is more, some of them believe they will never get caught. They think they can play with your feelings and use you forever, and they will never have to take responsibility for their actions.

These people are everywhere around us – at our workplace, at home, at school. Many of us fail to recognize narcissists even in their romantic relationships. They fit in so perfectly with the surrounding environment that we hardly ever notice their toxic influence on our lives. That’s exactly why some of them are convinced they will never get caught.

Here are 8 personality traits of narcissists that believe they would get away with everything.

1. They show zero empathy.

Usually, the first thing that comes to our minds when it comes to narcissists is that they care for no one but themselves. They are self-centered human beings that have no time for others’ personal issues. Therefore, they have no interest in spending their precious time listening to your problems. In other words, narcissists have no patience and show zero empathy when it comes to someone else’s despair.

2. They are attractive, and they know it.

The truth is narcissists are incredibly charming. They have a toxic charisma that attracts others to them like a moth to a flame. They give a great first impression as interesting, exciting, confident, intelligent, and sexy people who have it all figured out. And the worst thing is they are perfectly aware of that. But what they fail to understand is that the more time you spend with such a self-absorbed person, the more you start to recognize their true colors.

3. They are experienced manipulators.

Narcissists often use manipulative tactics to control their victims’ lives. They lie, deceive, mislead, gaslight, and delude, just to make sure they will have full power over their prey. Sometimes the mind games they create are so complex that they make you doubt yourself and question your whole reality. But sooner or later, the truth always comes out.

4. They constantly change their circle.

When you’re so full of yourself, it’s hard to remain in only one circle of friends. It gets boring. Besides, spending a lot of time with the same people will soon expose your true nature to them, and that’s something narcissists avoid like the plague. So, what they do is constantly look for new people who will praise them and give them the attention they so desperately need.

5. They are vengeful.

If you dare to criticize a narcissist, better prepare for the worst. When it comes to handling critique and judgment, these individuals become aggressive, hateful, and even violent in some extreme cases. And if they take it disturbingly calm, be sure they are planning revenge in their minds. However, they often fail to realize that this hatred exposes their real intentions.

6. They never take ‘no’ as an answer.

Oftentimes, dealing with a narcissist feels like looking after a spoiled toddler. If you refuse to do something they want, they get nearly impossible to handle. And if there’s a rule to be broken or a boundary to be crossed, narcissists will be the first ones to do so. They take the world as one big playground where everything is allowed, and they can do whatever they please.

7. They hide many insecurities.

Underneath the confident facade, narcissists hide their real feelings. All the emotional trauma, all the fear, all the insecurity is buried deep inside their souls. Their hearts are protected by unbreakable walls of false self-esteem. While they do believe they are better than anyone else, they are in a constant battle with their demons making them painfully self-conscious and vulnerable.

8. They often lie about their achievements.

While narcissists brag about their tremendous greatness, they often embellish their achievements or even make up fake ones they had never accomplished. Sometimes they don’t even follow their own lies. Listening carefully to what they say is probably the easiest way to catch them trying to fool you.

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