8 Signs You or Someone You Know has a Victim Mentality, and How to Deal With it

While some people are able to push through “unfair” situations, others seem to get frozen in them. 

They get stuck in feeling that the world is conspiring against them. And even though they may realize that often they are being irrational to see ill-intentions in everything, they still feel like victims.

Do you often find yourself feeling like a victim? Do you want to change this?

If you want to help yourself, that is already an amazing step forward and away from the victim mentality.

There are a number of things that make up people who see themselves as victims. Below, we have listed the main characteristics of the victimhood mentality which will help you understand and challenge your thinking.

1. You don’t take action or you just give up

You look for any reason why you’re not going to achieve your goal, you come up with excuses, and you give up before you even get started.

If you aren’t willing to try, you will never succeed at anything! Failing is all part of the game.

2. You rely too much on other people

You always listen to other people’s advice on how you should be living your life instead of listening to your gut. You don’t take ownership of your own mistakes and blame others when things don’t go your way.

By listening to others you will never take control of your life.

3. You let your inner demons sabotage your life

You give up because you listen to the inner voice that always tells you you’re not good enough. Hence, you settle for mediocrity, just so you can feel safe.

It’s time to shut off your inner critic and take life by the bullhorns!

4. You feel bitter and resentful for living like this

You always try to please others because you’re afraid of being alone. You don’t focus on truly working on yourself because you’re trying to live someone else’s life. And when it all falls apart, you end up blaming the unfairness of life because you don’t feel you’re in control of it.

You will never find happiness if you keep trying to be someone you’re not. Start the process of healing now by practicing self-love and self-care.

5. You always come up with excuses for why things go wrong

You look for reasons for why things did not go your way while sabotaging your chances for success because you’re too afraid of looking like a fool if you fail.

You end up running away from trying anything new or approaching the person you have a crush on because you’re afraid of rejection.

Needless to say, this leads to a downward spiral that is hard to escape from.

But think about it: do you really want to look back on a life of missed opportunities one day?

6. You constantly work against your own interests

You look for comfort when you’re feeling bad about yourself, so you try to feel better by seeking short-term pleasures such as drugs, alcohol, video games, TV, and other time-wasting, self-defeating behaviors.

Look in the mirror and find a way to accept yourself for who you are. Life is too short for self-hatred and time-wasting attitudes.

7. You indulge in self-harm

You attack, berate, and punish yourself when things go badly.

Needless to say, this doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead of wasting time telling yourself what a failure you are, learn from your mistakes and get back to working for a better life.

8. It’s always somebody else’s fault

Your victim mentality causes you to always look for someone else to blame because you’re too afraid to take ownership of your own mistakes.

Cut that self-defeating behavior and accept that you are a flawed human being just like the rest of humanity.

We all have our own crosses to carry.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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