8 reasons to cherish your older sister, because she is truly the bomb

Older sisters are truly a gift from God, or whatever celestial power you believe in.

They are the ultimate combination of a wise mentor and a fierce boss girl. Indeed, they are truly everything we wish we could be.

At times, she may be the most annoying person on Earth, but you cannot imagine your life without her. Even though she can get on your nerves in less than a second, she is the only one who truly gets you and sees through your smile.

Let’s be real. If it wasn’t for your older sister, would you be this decent, genuine person you are today?

Most probably not. Her influence over you has definitely played a tremendous role in your life. The connection between you two is one of the most vital relationships of your whole lifetime.

Here are 8 significant reasons you should say a big “Thank you!” to your older sister right now.

1. She taught you everything you know.

If you knew the alphabet at the age of three, you should thank your sis for that. Your older sister is the reason you know how to read, write, or even speak. As you were growing up together, she already knew all these things, so you subconsciously copied every single move she made. You even mimicked her little peculiarities like the funny way she flips her hair or the way she taps on the table when she’s nervous. She gave you not only valuable skills you will need throughout your whole life but also a few sweet little habits you don’t even know you have. 

2. She takes care of you when you’re sick.

Doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 25, your older sister will always take care of you when you fall ill. She will give you the exact medicine you need to recover as quickly as possible, and she will make you your favorite warm chicken soup. Moreover, she will keep you entertained while you’re stuck at home by playing your favorite music, watching silly movies with you, or painting your toenails. No wonder if she even calls her boss and takes some time off to look after you for a few days.

3. She taught you how to negotiate.

You may think you naturally have this skill, but in fact, it was your sister who taught you how to get what you want. After all, she has earned some valuable experience while asking your parents to let her go to parties with her friends and be home by midnight instead of 10 p.m. The amazing thing is she is glad to share this experience with you, and teach you all that she knows about negotiating.

4. She never judges you.

Although your older sister is perhaps the only person who’s seen you in all your sloppy, sometimes even ugly states, she will never judge you. She is the most understanding being in your circle, and she will always be on your side, no matter what you’ve got yourself into. Yes, she will tell you what you did was incredibly stupid, but she will also tell you exactly how to get out of the situation. That’s because she has probably been through the same mess you are stuck in now.

5. She helps you get over breakups.

The last thing your older sister wants is to see you hurt. That’s why she is always there for you whenever someone breaks your heart. Not only she will count you all of the reasons why the one that broke you is a total jerk, but she will also remind you why you deserve so much more. What’s more, she will set up a whole weekend where you two will watch romantic comedies, eat tons of ice cream, and indulge in skincare. Whatever it is you need to distract yourself from the heartache, she will do it.

6. She gives you the best advice.

After she sits on the phone for hours listening to your problems, wondering what to do next, she will know all the right words you need to hear. Your older sister will carefully analyze everything you say and she will tell you precisely what you should do. Not only she will give you the most helpful advice you need, but she will also remind you that there is nothing in this world you can’t do. She will support you unconditionally through whatever storm you are in, and she will show you the right way to get out of it.

7. She is your second mom.

Having an older sister means you are blessed with not one but two loving and supporting mothers. Just like your mom, your sis will check in with you while you’re traveling, she will text you “You can do it!” before an important exam, and she will be worried if you get home later than usual. Of course, she’s worried. After all, you grew up before her eyes. To be honest, she partly raised you, especially when your parents had to go to work, and there was no one else to look after you. Apart from your sister, she was your babysitter, your teacher, and your second mom.

8. She set you an amazing example to follow.

You should be grateful to your older sister for most of the DOs and DON’Ts you’ve learned throughout your life. Some of them you’ve learned the easy way, by being told exactly what to do or say in certain situations. And it’s all thanks to your older sister. Unlike you, she had to go through tons of challenges before she learned what she taught you. However, instead of making you go through these hardships yourself, she saved you a lot of pain and tears by giving you crucial advice and setting an invaluable example to follow.

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