8 common reasons why people cheat

Have you ever wondered why do people cheat?

What makes them break the commitment they have with their partners in such an indecent way? If the love is gone, why don’t they just face the problem instead of hurting the ones who care for them?

The harsh truth is that cheating has become painfully common in modern-day relationships.

Nowadays, far too many people have lost respect for monogamy. Seemingly, being faithful is no longer a part of our essential moral values.

Even though betrayal is still one of the most painful things someone could do or experience, couples still struggle to cope with the harsh consequences of infidelity. Some fall apart, some ignore the problem, hoping that it will magically disappear, while others try their best to keep their relationship going. But they are all wondering: Why do people cheat?

Here are 8 common reasons why people cheat.

1. They are not happy in their relationship.

It all comes down to how you feel when spending time with your partner. If you are not satisfied with the way they treat you, you might unintentionally seek that satisfaction somewhere else. However, many people fail to realize that cheating emotionally or physically won’t help them fix what’s broken in their relationships. It will only make things worse and will have them regretting hurting the one who loved them with all their heart.

2. The love is gone.

When the hype about falling in love and getting to know each other fades, all that should be left is trust, genuine love, and deep respect for one another. Sadly, there are individuals who lose interest the second that initial excitement is gone. And when the love they had for their partner is no longer real, they start exploring their options for new excitements. This only shows that such people never truly loved their significant others because when the love is real, you have eyes only for the one in your heart.

3. They suffer from self-esteem issues.

Most people who are prone to cheating do it because they are seeking comfort somewhere else. They need to feel validates, acknowledged, and even praised. Oftentimes, they are only trying to cope with their deep insecurities. Eventually, they fall into a trap of constant lying, which leads to losing the little self-respect they once had. Sadly, not only do they have little to no respect for themselves but by being unfaithful, they show no loyalty for their partners as well.

4. They are afraid to face their problems.

If you choose to directly fall for someone else and betray your partner, thinking they will never find out, instead of being decent and tell them your relationship no longer serves you, then you are nothing but a coward. A coward who has no respect for their partner, their relationship, and their own moral values. The pain you will cause by betraying your partner is much more severe and long-lasting than the one from decently explaining to them how you feel and breaking up with them.

5. They aren’t mature enough for a real relationship.

When it comes to commitment issues, those who cheat are people who are not entirely devoted to their partners. After all, if you love someone with all your heart, you wouldn’t want to see them hurt, right? However, if you don’t really care about their feelings, you might not feel obligated to stay loyal to them. But if you want to be honest with yourself and the one who still cares for you, better open up about your commitment issues, rather than doing something you will inevitably regret later.

6. They are compulsive liars.

A compulsive liar is someone who cannot stay genuine even for a second. They lie to their friends, family, coworkers, partners. This toxic habit of theirs eventually leads them to not only be untruthful to their significant others but also cheat on them. Unfortunately, some of them are too good at lying, and when you find out they were being ingenuine with you, it is already too late.

7. They are self-centered.

Many cheaters are quite selfish and often display narcissistic traits. Their happiness, satisfaction, and comfort are the most important things in their lives. Therefore, the second their partner fails to do as they please, they would seek for someone who would give them what they need. What is more, they would not consider anyone else’s feelings in the process but their own.

8. The idea of a monogamous relationship is not their thing.

We live in 2020 – the year where anything is possible and no one is allowed to judge others for their personal choices. While monogamous relationships were the only type of socially acceptable relationships before, today, people are more open to experimenting with their sexuality. Therefore, some are defying the idea behind being committed to only one person. In their minds, loving more than one partner is completely normal. But many of them fail to voice their preferences and cheat on their loved ones without any explanation.

Do you know other reasons why people cheat?

Have you ever been a victim of a cheater? Share your experience in the comment section!

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