7-Year-Old Is Georgia’s Youngest COVID-19-Related Death

Health experts in Georgia have revealed that a 7-year-old African-American boy with no other health issues has become the youngest in the state to pass away due to coronavirus. 

The kid caught the virus after going to church where he was in contact with two people who later also died of COVID-19, according to WSAV-TV.

“This child’s death is absolutely tragic, and we are praying for their loved ones in this difficult time,” Republican Gov. Brian Kemp stated.

His identity has not been revealed.

According to reports, the child was struck by a seizure while in the shower and was quickly brought to a hospital in Chatham County where he later passed away.

Earlier this year a New York Post report found that a small number of coronavirus patients exhibit neurological issues such as seizures and strokes.

The Governor’s office is still collecting information on the boy’s passing.

“Every COVID-19 death we report is tragic, but to lose someone so young is especially heart-breaking,” the health director of the local Georgia district Dr. Lawton Davis stated recently.

“We know that older individuals and those with underlying conditions are at higher risk of complications, but this is a disease everyone should take seriously,” he added.

Data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center suggests that Georgia now has over 209,000 cases and more than 4,117 deaths related to the virus.

But the boy’s passing is not the first among little children in the United States.

A number of at least 7 children passed away due to coronavirus in the state of Florida and this includes a 9-year-old girl who had no underlying health issues.

Just this week, a second-grade school kid caught the virus after attending the first day at school at the Cherokee County School District, resulting in a two-week class break for the teacher and children.

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