7 types of women that are chasing men away every single time

While you may think your behavior is so charming it couldn’t be ignored, you might be fooling yourself.

Of course, if we could always be our best selves while with our partners, we would. But the truth is, no one could maintain a flawless behavior for so long.

We all have flaws, imperfections, and insecurities.

We all make mistakes. So, why pretending to be someone else, when you could just fall in love with your own, raw, genuine self, and be with someone who would appreciate and accept you for who you are?

Oftentimes, as we try to impress someone we fancy, we try to alter ourselves into something we believe they would be attracted to. This goes for both men and women. We adopt certain behaviors that aren’t even fitting our mentality, just to appear more appealing in the eyes of the one we’re fond of. But most of the time, we realize that all this facade is beyond senseless.

When it comes to women trying to impress men, there are certain behaviors they believe might work. But instead of attracting men, these attitudes are actually chasing them away.

Below are listed 7 types of women that men run from.

1. The bossy one

While some women believe acting bossy and putting men in their place is considered sexy, most men actually despise suchlike attitude. When a woman tries to be controlling and undermines her man’s efforts into the relationship, she is just making him feel bad about himself.

However, this has nothing to do with being a boss lady and owning your life. Prioritizing self-care and personal growth is wonderful, but acting like a boss around your man might scare him away.

2. The second mom

Many women are mothering their partners from the very beginning of their relationship. They put all of the mental weight on their backs and look after their men as if they were their children. They are constantly worrying about them, getting up earlier to make them breakfast before work, cutting the crust off of their cheese toast, ironing their socks, cleaning after them.

A girlfriend, or a wife, shouldn’t be treating her man like a child. She should be treating him like a partner. Spoiling your other half once in a while is adorable and strengthens your relationship, but treating him as if you were his second mom is just not right.

3. The vixen

She is attractive and she is absolutely aware of that. She’s a natural charmer who uses her sexuality to captivate men’s attention. When she’s in a relationship, she continues using her sex appeal to control her man. It all may seem sexy and romantic, but it’s just another form of manipulation. She’s basically getting what she wants through sex. There’s no need to mention such a relationship would be far from healthy and stable.

4. The damsel in distress

Being rescued by prince charming and then living happily ever after is one of the most romantic concepts we know today. However, it doesn’t really work in the long run. You can’t always be in distress and need a man to do everything for you. He can’t be this heroic character a hundred percent of the time. It’s just not realistic. Maybe that’s why it’s common only for fairytales and movies. If you constantly seek your partner’s help for every little thing, he might as well come to the consideration that you cannot do anything without him. Is this the way you want him to perceive you?

5. The tease

We all know ‘the tease’. That’s the type of person who makes you believe they’re so into you, only to provoke your interest. And when they convince you you’re both on the same page, they quickly pull away and act as if they changed their minds.

While it may seem intriguing for a while, it often leads to feelings of frustration and annoyance. If the teasing lasts for too long, it could result in an emotional wall between the partners. Moreover, it could easily break their trust by making them doubt every single move their loved ones make.

6. The equality ambassador

Equality is one of the most important foundations of a healthy relationship. However, focusing your whole energy into evaluating every single thing and claiming all should be totally equal is way too far. Keeping track of who pays for what, and even considering each other’s respective salaries turns the whole relationship into a business. This sucks all the sensuality and intimacy out of it.

7. The royalty

Honey, get down to Earth and stop acting like a princess. A relationship should be based on partnership, not ownership. Your man doesn’t owe you anything. He isn’t obligated to put you on a pedestal and treat you like a trophy wife by default. Of course, every man should treat his woman with gentleness, consideration, and care, but this doesn’t mean she should just stand there and wait for him to praise her. This way, the connection you have will lack not only mutuality but also pure, genuine love.

Maybe these roles work for some women, but in the bigger picture, all of them are leading to severe problems further into a relationship. Indeed, there are probably men who enjoy being treated like that, but in most cases, these types of behaviors are chasing them away.

In the end, all that matters is loving who you are and being with a person who accepts, appreciates, and acknowledges you just as you are. Anything less than that is just not worth it.

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