7 Traits Of A Genuinely Honest Person

Honest people are a breath of fresh air, and with an honest person by your side, you always know exactly where you stand.

Sadly, we are also surrounded by deceivers and fake people and it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to know who has our best interests at heart. So, having someone truly honest in your life is a real blessing.

Honesty is important in every area of life because without it trust can simply not exist. Fortunately, there are ways you can tell whether the person next to you is an honest individual or a fake.

1. They don’t care about popularity

Honest people have no interest in being the most liked, most beautiful, and most cited person around. If they do something, they do it for themselves and their loved ones.

While other people obsess over being popular, the honest person is working on becoming a better person. They know their true worth and don’t need validation from anyone.

2. They are sensitive

Honest individuals are sensitive because they believe in sticking to your promises. And since they act authentically, they expect others to act in a similar manner. When you fail to stand by your words their pain will be deep and unforgettable.

3. They move naturally

Silence and non-verbal cues are often the best ways of telling whether someone is being dishonest. If the person opposite you is shuffling their feet while talking to you or fidgets with an item, there’s a good chance you’re being lied to. The liar can also stiffen, and appear frozen in their movements. Normally, unnatural movements (being either too busy or too stiff) can indicate whether you’re in the same room with a liar.

4. They follow up on their words with actions

Honest people don’t just tell the truth, they act it out. While many people will make big promises without intending to follow up on them, an honest person will take action to turn their talk into reality.

5. They’re incredible friends

True friends are honest. They are always by your side when you need them most, and should they not be able to do so for some reason, they will be honest about it.

Also, if they have an issue with something you did or said, they will say it to your face and not behind your back. Honest people may not have many friends, but the ones they do have can truly consider themselves lucky.

6. They fight for what they believe in

A genuinely honest person does not care if others are disturbed by their beliefs. Being naturally authentic, they will stand up for what they believe in without being apologetic about it.

7. They don’t hide their emotions

An honest person won’t try to hide their feelings or fake them. If they aren’t happy about something you did, they’ll let you know. And if they are happy, you’ll know it too. When you have an honest person by your side you won’t have to constantly guess or worry about whether they’re hiding something.

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