7 times when adults act like children

You know that feeling when you really need an adult to help you solve your issues, but you realize that you are the adult?

Well, some people never get used to the fact that they need to start acting like mature individuals. Instead of handling their problems like adults, they behave like toddlers to avoid taking responsibility. This attitude may be triggered by a personality disorder. But in most cases, it’s simply an act of running away from reality.

When you see an adult acting like a child, there are quite a few factors that may provoke this behavior.

Here are 7 of them:

1. When they seek attention. 

Adults, especially those with narcissistic personality traits, crave to be in the spotlight just like most toddlers do. So, when they get deprived of the attention they want, they start acting out in order to be noticed.

2. When they are ashamed.

When a person feels triggered by being reminded of something embarrassing they did, they often get jumpy and visibly frustrated. If the subject is related to something deeply personal, they may burst into anger at the one who triggered the memory.

3. When they are afraid.

Fear is one of the most common reasons an adult can act just like a child. Instead of openly admitting they are scared, some people try to hide their fear with anger. Depending on the intensity of the situation, the more they are afraid, the more aggressive they behave.

4. When they feel vulnerable.

Feeling weak, fragile, and vulnerable can trigger severe defense mechanisms. To protect themselves from having their flaws exposed, some people tend to regress and start behaving as a 5-year-old would. In other words, when things get rough, they try to escape their adult responsibilities by returning to childlike behavior. Anger is a common response in this situation as well.

5. When they feel guilty.

Sometimes, when an adult does something wrong and they actually feel guilty about it, they try to disguise their fault with rage. Instead of apologizing, they act superior to those they affected with their actions. Blame-shifting is something they often use to avoid being held accountable for their mistakes.

6. When they try to manipulate

When some people see they can benefit from acting childish in certain situations, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. If the occasion allows it, suchlike individuals will instantly start behaving immaturely, so they can manipulate others into doing whatever they want.

7. When it’s just their personality. 

No matter the age, some adults will always be childish, regardless of the situation. It’s in their nature.

Sometimes people prefer to act like 5-year-olds because this helps them escape the harsh reality. They fear their real emotions might ruin their reputation or make them seem weak in the eyes of others.

Do you know suchlike people? Do you act childish at times? Let us know in the comment section!

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