7 things that petrify Introverts to the core

Halloween might be over, but there are things that terrify us all year round.

Introverts are people who are highly sensitive and see the world differently than the rest. Sometimes they let their emotional side take over, and they get anxious and frightened over things someone else would consider natural.

Here are the top 7 things most introverts find absolutely horrifying: 

1. When someone calls instead of texting.

Most introverts get chills when their phone rings, especially when a simple text or an e-mail would be more than enough. Perhaps that’s because a phonecall is closer to a real-life face-to-face conversation, which is definitely not an introvert’s favorite activity. Besides, you can easily ignore a text or pretend you didn’t read it, while something about calls just makes you feel obligated to answer right away.

2. Not having room to breathe.

When people with introverted personalities are in an intense social setting, without the opportunity to escape as soon as they feel intimidated. Their anxiety levels drastically increase in such situations, and all they can think of is how they cannot wait to go home and recharge.

3. Networking.

The general idea of networking just doesn’t fit an introvert’s lifestyle. The exchange of thoughts and ideas while interacting with various groups of people makes them feel deeply uncomfortable. Opening themselves to strangers is beyond terrifying, mostly because it gets them out of their comfort zone.

4. Public speaking.

Some introverts have nightmares about public speaking. Being put on the spot is definitely not their thing. Whether they have to speak in front of three or thirty people, the pressure of being the center of attention freaks them out.

5. First dates.

Introverts love differently. They invest their whole being in the person they care for. But the initial stages of a relationship paralyze them. For instance, they get petrified by having to endure small talk during a first date before getting into a deep, meaningful conversation. However, while this makes their process of falling in love a bit longer than usual when they find the right person, they are willing to do anything to keep them.

6. Being embarrassed.

Truthfully, no one likes to feel ashamed. However, when it comes to introverted individuals, they take things to another level. Many of them are deeply concerned about the way they look in others’ eyes, which makes them fear embarrassment even more. The thought of “What would people say?” often crosses their minds and makes them feel extremely anxious.

7. The fear of being alone forever.

Introverts do realize that their personality sometimes distances them from meeting people and establishing deep connections. While they do appreciate their alone time, they also want to love and be loved. Unfortunately, some of the fear they might end up alone because of their proneness to self-isolation.

Are you an introvert? What petrifies you the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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