7 reasons why aunts have a special place in our hearts

Having an aunt is a double blessing – she listens to your problems and keeps your secrets like a best friend, and takes care of you like a loving parent.

To her nephews and nieces, an aunt is like a teacher, an advisor, a great example to follow, a second mom, and a dear friend. That’s why she takes a special place in their hearts.

Here are 7 reasons why aunties are amongst the most important figures in a child’s life.

1. She is a great listener.

Your aunt may be an adult, but this doesn’t mean she wouldn’t understand your struggles. In fact, she would not only listen to your problems, but she would also give you a great piece of advice based on her experience, and, of course, her compassionate nature. What makes an aunt truly amazing is that she would always be there for you whenever you need someone to vent to.

2. She knows how to keep your secrets.

There are certain things that you simply cannot share with your parents. Their reaction might be too harsh, which sometimes may be too scary to face. On the other hand, your auntie is one of the most understandable people in your life. She always sees the bigger picture and rarely judges your actions or choices. That’s why she is the perfect adult to talk to when you’re too hesitant to deal with your mom’s or dad’s response. Besides, she would always know exactly what to say to calm you down and help you make the right decision.

3. She teaches you valuable life lessons.

Even though aunts are nearly the same age as our parents, somehow their view of life is completely different. They give us a unique perspective over our mistakes, which helps us realize significant truths about ourselves and the world around us. Plus, they guide us through the journey of finding ourselves and show us how important it is to focus on our personal growth, rather than our downfalls.

4. She is the best role model you could ever wish for.

She always looks stunning, she is always kind, and she never takes the smile off her face. Despite all the challenges her life brings her, she never lets them affect her behavior towards others. She always strives to see the good in others and to spread this goodness, which makes her the perfect role model you could ever wish for.

5. She is the perfect balance between chill and strict.

Your aunt is the person who best knows how to handle a situation both open-mindedly and serious. While she would probably criticize you if you’ve done something bad, she would also share some story of when she was young and did the exact same mistake. The best thing is that by sharing her personal experience, she would also tell you how to fix the mess you’ve gotten yourself into. Besides, she would make you feel a little better about yourself, knowing that someone else survived the same situation.

6. She gives the best presents.

Every child blessed with an aunt knows she is the one who gives the most exciting presents. They feel in their hearts that their nephews and nieces deserve the best. Also, they don’t have to worry about spoiling them, because their parents are the ones who would have to deal with this later. That’s probably why aunties never hesitate to spoil their nephews and nieces with the coolest gifts ever.

7. She gives you the most awesome cousins.

Cousins are another blessing we are lucky to have in our lives. They are the best friends we would never lose over a single fight. Sometimes, our bond with our cousins is as strong as the one with our siblings. We are connected to them not only by sharing the same blood but also by having unconditional, genuine love for each other.

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