7 Harmful Habits You Need To Eliminate From Your Life

Harmful habits have the effect of slowly but surely turning you into a mess of a human being. 

But even though they are difficult to break, you should start working to eliminate them from your life because they will cost you relationships, jobs, and many other things you hold dear.

If you want to become the best version of yourself, then here is a list of bad habits you should eliminate from your life as soon as possible.

1. Procrastination

Do you often find yourself leaving important tasks for later? Often, when we delay things instead of doing them right away, they are eventually forgotten.

Your success strongly depends on your attitude towards the little things, so if you cannot push yourself to do them right away, how would you succeed in accomplishing more significant feats in life?

Save yourself the headaches and stop procrastinating right now!

2. Stop daydreaming about the perfect future

According to researchers, fantasizing about the perfect future actually decreases energy levels, which, in turn, makes you less motivated to actually work on those dream goals.

There is a certain time, however, when doing so can help you, but the difference lies in envisioning versus fantasizing.

When you fantasize, you picture something so distant from reality that it makes it truly difficult to take proper action in the now. Envisioning the future, on the other hand, is about seeing real possibilities of where everyday actions can take you. And that is the difference between moving forward and pretending to do so.

3. Checking your mobile during a conversation

There is no bigger turn-off than staring at your phone while someone is trying to connect with you face to face. When you’re having a conversation, focus on nothing else but that. Conversations are also much more enjoyable when there are no distractions around to cut them off.

4. Using electronics before bedtime

Using phones, computers, or tablets before going to bed can really mess with the quality of your sleep.
The blue light emitted from these electronics can hinder the production of melatonin – a hormone responsible for triggering sleepiness. This, in turn, makes you stay alert for long periods of time at night and disturbs your circadian rhythm. If you don’t take action now, over time, this can lead to insomnia. Also, needless to say, being sleepy in the morning messes with your productivity.

5. Blaming others 

Blaming other people for things going awry in your life will never lead to anything positive. In order to live a healthy and positive life, you must always take full ownership of your mistakes. And even if someone has wronged you, spending time wallowing in anger will only hinder you from taking the actions you must take to make your dreams a reality.

6. Trying To Fit In

Trying to be liked by everyone, will only make you miserable in the long run (plus, no one really likes people pleasers).

Maybe you’re pursuing a career that doesn’t give you any meaning simply because it is well-paid or staying in a bad situation because you’re afraid of what might happen if you take a big risk.

Whatever it may be, stop and think for a minute. Is it really worth it? If you have to change your interests,
values, and beliefs just to fit in, it means you’re simply in the wrong place.

7. Hanging out with negative people

You know who we’re talking about here…

That person who always has something down-putting to say about every hopeful idea you come up with.
The truth is, we are already our biggest self-critics, so it surely doesn’t help when there’s someone in our lives
who is always ready to crap on everything we say or do.

Remove those naysayers from your life and focus on spending time with supportive people you know you can count on in times of need.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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