5-year-old girl wears a sign while ‘essential-shopping’ with her mom so they won’t be shamed

A thoughtful mom figured out how to stop people from judging her for going shopping for essentials with her 5-year-old daughter. 

Since many countries are under a nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, even going to the grocery store can be quite challenging. Millions of people are allowed to go outside only for doing their daily exercise or to shop for necessities such as food and medication.

Moreover, there are other, stricter rules, where only one person from a household is permitted to go to the supermarket. Some stores even don’t allow children inside, which occurs to be a major problem for single parents.

Recently, a single mom shared she was being shamed for going to the supermarket with her 5-year-old girl.

The truth is, she had no other choice but take her daughter with her because she is too young to be left home alone.

The sharp-minded mom who was fed up with people’s obnoxious reactions was MaryAnn Fausey Resendez. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she knew she needed to take some action.

🤣🤣🤣The sign I made her wear cuz i just know some dumbass will take a picture & talk shit on social media not knowing all…

Posted by MaryAnn Fausey Resendez on Monday, April 6, 2020

MaryAnn created a sign, informing others about their family situation, which she placed on her little girl’s back so they can see it. She also posted a sweet photo on Facebook of her daughter wearing the informative note. The sign reads:

“I am only 5. I can’t stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with mommy. Before you start judging, stay back 6 feet.”

The upset mother captioned the photo writing: “The sign I made her wear cuz I just know some dumb*** will take a picture and talk s**t on social media not knowing all the facts.” 

As many single parents related to MaryAnn’s struggles, her post went viral in no time.

Some are even sharing they would do the same with their children the next time they need to go grocery shopping. The majority of people who reacted to the post believe that instead of being judgemental to one another, we need to understand each other and truly be in this together as a community.

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