5 Unbelievable Ways to Stimulate Your Immune System (Backed by Science)

Having a strong immune system is a result of a sum of factors that lead to good overall health. Some of them are widely known such as healthy food habits, exercising, sleep and drinking enough water. But if you want to bring your health game to a whole new level, especially when we have the flu season behind the corner, we have gathered for you 5 more ways to build strengthen your body’s defense system.

They all may sound easy for you  to do, but don’t underestimate their power. Scientists have proven each of the following things to be helpful for strengthening the immune system. So don’t miss them!

1. Laugh more

Everyone knows that laughter is good for you- it boosts your mood and helps fight depression. But did you know that laughing can also improve your body’s defense mechanisms. It stimulates the antibodies and the protective cells (T-cells and nature killer cells).

2. Have some rest

We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is always busy, following a schedule, completing tasks and so on. We’ve already accepted stress as a part of our everyday lives but what are we doing to reduce its negative impact on our health? If you are interested in boosting your immune system, making time for relaxation will definitely show it’s positive effect. Going for a walk in the park or in the woods will help you calm down. Nature is one of the best healers. One Japanese study proves that just by being around plants, cortisol levels drop, as well as our pulse rate and blood pressure. Another study found that taking a walk in forests and parks increases natural killer cells, those that fight tumor cells, by 50%. It was discovered by another study that walks in the forest can stimulates anti-cancer proteins in women.

3. Have more sex

Want to protect yourself from colds in the winter? Well, having sex will help you with that task. Psychologists have discovered that having sex once or twice a week boosts the immune system.  Sex rises immunoglobulin A levels which determines the functionality of the immune system.
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4. Bang some drums

This may seem unbelievable but it actually is backed by science- banging drums boosts the body’s defense system. In many different cultures drum gatherings have been a part of their everyday lives. But after a study proved that drumming helps boosting the immune system, they will not just be folklore, but a method to improve our overall health.

5. Kefir

Kefir is fermented milk which is rich in lactic acid bacteria which acts as probiotics. It is proven that it has a positive effect on the immune system.

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