5 Things People Raised By Narcissist Parents Will Understand

An ever-growing number of people are starting to become aware of narcissists and narcissistic abuse.

However, not many stop to think about the lasting effects of being raised by a narcissistic parent.

Here are signs you were raised by a narcissist:

1. They tried to control you through pity and codependency

You were told by your parent/s, “If you leave, I’ll have nothing. Maybe I’ll end my life if you do.” This, of course, made it difficult or impossible to live a normal life or establish priorities independent of what your parent/s wanted.

2. They expected to be worshipped

Domineering or authoritarian parents often need a large amount of attention and praise. For instance, a parent expecting all their demands to be followed and viewpoints to be respected without question. They might explode on their children if they do not get what they feel is sufficient praise and attention.

3. Their treatment has led you to grow up with low self-esteem

A narcissist parent never provides the consistent love, care, and guidance a child needs for a healthy upbringing. You may have been led to believe you were not worthy of true love, because after all if you were, why would they have treated you so badly?

They may have made you believe that your needs and desires were irrelevant or not worth the hustle, and as an adult, you may unconsciously be suppressing who you truly are as a result.

Maybe you spend a lot of time feeling purposeless, or maybe you always think twice before talking to new people because you feel as if you have nothing to say.

4. They owned your success

Any time you were complimented for achieving something, your narcissistic parent/s would immediately shift the attention to themselves. For instance, if you were congratulated on a sports win, your parent/s would jump in and say something like, “Yeah, he got it from me, I was always great at sports.” They are addicted to being the center of attention, and they didn’t care about stealing your moment.

5. They were always right and never admitted their mistakes

Even when they made a clear mistake or treated you in a way you did not deserve, they never said sorry (and meant it). And when you confronted them about their behavior, they denied everything and tried to shift the blame on you, or avoided the topic completely.

Do any of these sound familiar? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve found it of value. 

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