5 reasons why having a SISTER is EPIC

If you have a sister, then you are truly blessed.

She is your guardian, your confidant, your reflection, and your best friend all at once. There is not a single person in the world that gets you like her. And that’s the most special thing that makes your bond stronger than anything. If it’s you and your sister against the world, you already know who the winner is.

Here are 5 awesome reasons why sisters are a real treasure: 

1. Sisters have your back. Always!

If there is someone in your life that will support you unconditionally and back you up no matter what, this is your sister. She is the person you can always count on, vent to, and seek advice from, without fearing she might judge your decisions. And whenever someone tries to put you down or disrespects you, she will go above and beyond to let them know that if they want to mess with you, they have to go through her first.

2. You can talk about anything and everything with your sister.

Sometimes friends and other family members are not empathetic enough to meet you with the understanding a sister does. She is the person you can discuss everything with – from relationship problems and family drama to existential questions about the creation of the universe. This fantastic quality makes your bond unbreakable.

3. Sisters know best.

Whether you have a younger or an older sister, she always knows what’s best for you. That’s because she has your best interest at heart, and she wants to see you happy. So, whenever you feel lost and need someone’s guidance, don’t hesitate to go to her. She will always welcome you with open arms and will be glad to help you go through whatever challenges you struggle with.

4. You always have something to do, even when you’re bored.

Having a sister is like having a best friend, a second mom, and a partner in crime – all in the same person. You always have something to do. Whether it’s going to be chatting, going out, crafting DIY projects, or watching movies, there is always a way you can spend quality time together. Even when you have nothing to do, you still come up with the craziest ideas to spice up your day.

5. Sisters always let you borrow their clothes.

This is probably one of the best perks of having a sister, especially when she is your size. Whenever you are in a rush and you can’t find anything to wear in your closet, she will be happy to let you look into hers. Well, if you have the tendency not to give her clothes back, she may not be so welcoming. However, she will still give you anything you need because she loves you too much to be mad at you.

If you have a sister and you love her to bits, show her this article to let her know how grateful you are to share the best moments in your life with her!

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